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+ Trailer Travel

When transporting your horse using a trailer it is important to ensure that safety and security are in place at all times. Loading your horse can prove to be quite difficult, especially if you have not done it before. Thinking about the safety of your horse whilst he is being transported is important, as is having the right insurance in place should something happen.

+ Loading

When loading your horse into a trailer keep the groom's door open to give extra light and swing the partition as wide as it will go. Walk your horse up the trailer ramp confidently and tie him with a quick release knot while someone puts the partition or rear bar in place. Don't forget to raise the ramp and check all is secure before you drive off!

When driving bear in mind that your horse is coming along for the ride, so try not to make it too bumpy! Make sure you allow plenty of time for braking and turning corners; don't make hasty decisions as this could result in an accident.

Before you drive anywhere with a trailer in tow, make sure you are confident with reversing while a trailer is attached. Also make sure you allow extra time to get to your destination as your journey will be slower with a trailer in tow.

Ensure your horse is safe from any bumps and bruises by investing in some travel boots to protect his legs and a tail guard in case he leans back on his tail to balance. Your horse may also need a rug if you are transporting during late autumn or winter.

+ Insurance Essentials

As you can imagine, it can be quite easy to steal a horse trailer and quickly move it a considerable distance. With this in mind, trailers should be secured using both hitch and wheel locks and stored in a secure area, to add obstacles to any would-be thieves' plan of action.

You should not store any equipment inside the trailer overnight, as it would be an even more tempting target for thieves. Make sure you have a note of the make, model and year of manufacture of your horse trailer, as well as some photographs of the trailer. If it was ever stolen, having this information would be very helpful to the police.

Taking out an insurance policy allows you to cover your trailer against fire, theft and accidental damage, as well as public liability and new for old. If you take your horse to shows further afield there is the option to include European use. Protecting your trailer with insurance will give you the peace of mind that you have the right cover in place, leaving you to concentrate on safe driving!

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