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Regular riding instruction can be beneficial for all riders at any level of experience. Riding schools usually offer various types of lessons from private lessons where one person is taught individually to group lessons where several people are taught at the same time. When setting your horse care budget the costs of riding instruction should not be forgotten.

Both you and your horse will benefit from having regular lessons from an instructor, this will help your skills and confidence improve, as well as boosting the partnership between you and your horse. Ensure that you are ready for lessons as they can be tiring and make you use muscles that you did not know you had! It is advisable to book half-hour lessons for the first couple of times you attend and not be too over ambitious.

If you are already having riding lessons you should ask your teacher what sort of horse would be most suitable for you. Your height, weight, fitness level, ability and riding ambitions will also have a bearing on the type of horse that should be considered.

Riding Activities

There are many different type of riding activities for you to enjoy with your horse, why not try a cross country ride or even compete in a show-jumping competition. Some other popular riding activities are listed below, so have a go!

  • Dressage
  • Cross country
  • Show jumping
  • Horse ball
  • Polo
  • Vaulting
  • Taking your horse on holiday
  • Taking your horse to the local beach

Horses and ponies will benefit from undertaking regular exercise, their hearts and lungs will be kept fit and their overall physical condition will benefit. It is important to take part in activities that your horse is suited and trained for, as well as considering what your horse is physically capable of achieving, and then both horse and rider can benefit from the relationship.

Ongoing exercise and training, such as lunging, long-reining and lessons is also essential. These different activities teach and train the horse in different skills; lunging can be beneficial in teaching balance, suppleness and responsiveness where as long-reigning can develop a horse's confidence and obedience.

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