Our Horse Insurance Policy Benefits Explained

At www.horse-insurance.co.uk we offer tailor made horse insurance from foals aged just 31 days to age 20. Our Pick and Choose quote system, which allows you to choose what insurance cover you need, consists of some essential standard benefits and an extensive range of optional benefits; these are explained below.

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Standard Benefits

These policy benefits are mandatory and are in place so that you are offered a basic level of insurance for your horse or pony.

Death or Slaughter:

Up to the sum insured or market value whichever is less, if the insured horse dies due to an accident, illness, or disease, or is not found within 28 days of being stolen or straying, plus an additional £300 for disposal costs and £500 for recovery costs.

Theft or Straying:

We pay the market value or the sum insured, whichever is less, if the horse is not found within 28 days of it straying or being stolen, including up to £500 recovery costs.

Optional Benefits

The following benefits are optional extras that you can add on to your policy, you may select as little or as many as you wish in order to build up the level of cover required.

Public Liability:

Legal liability to a third party for the damages and costs arising from your use of the insured horse up to £1.25 million.

Permanent Loss of Use:

Up to the sum insured or market value, whichever is less, if the insured horse has an accident, illness or disease that permanently prevents it from carrying out the functions it is kept and insured for. Benefits reduced to 50% if horse 13 years and over.

Personal Accident:

Death, total and permanent loss of sight or hearing, loss of two or more limbs, permanent total disablement, up to £12,500 or sum insured if less, minimum of £10,000.

Dental Cover:

Emergency dental treatment up to £1,250. Benefits reduced to 25% for riders under 16.

Stable Cover:

If the stable owned by you is destroyed or damaged beyond use by fire, up to £25 per week, with a maximum of £1,250 per incident.

Vet's Fees:

Maximum per incident up to £3,000 (plus up to £1,000 for vet recommended acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, laser treatment, ultrasound and remedial shoeing). No cover for illness/disease showing clinical signs within 14 days of policy inception.

Saddlery & Tack:

Fire, accidental damage or theft following forcible/violent entry to a locked private building, up to £1,750 per incident. Single item limit £1,000.

Hire of Replacement Horse:

Maximum of £25 per week up to £1,250 for the hire of a replacement horse between the date of theft or straying and payment of claim, or the date that the horse is recovered.

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