Wrap Your Horse Up Warm This Winter

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Looking after your horse in the colder months requires dedication and knowledge. The correct horse feed to cope with the winter conditions, combined with correct stabling, care and attention is vital.

Exercising care when taking your horse out, ensuring skin problems are not festering underneath blankets and keeping your animal content during those long dark days is also crucial.

You will still need to take out horse insurance, for any unforeseen accidents and Horse.Insurance.co.uk will advise on the right equine policy for you.

Hay and H20

After feeding up on grass out in a field during the warmer months and into autumn, horses will have stored up some extra insulation and fat but that will soon burn up in the winter, and like humans, they will need extra feed in the colder months.

Hay provides the natural step away from grass but adding mineral and vitamin supplements is important and the occasional winter treat such, as a Christmas munchy mix with apples, seedless grapes peppermint leaves will go down well.

Unlike grass, which has a high percentage of water, hay can have a dehydrating effect so ensure water levels are checked and are not frozen over.

Snug with a rug

While horses are hardy, and will use their hair to add extra warmth by standing on end and ruffing up for extra warmth, they still need a heavy blanket to ward off the nastier elements.

Make sure rugs and blankets are lifted each day to check the horse is not showing signs of rain rot or scratches.

It is also an idea to use a cooler for hot horses, which have been working or exercising, and these are made from a breathable material.


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