World’s oldest horse dies at the age of 51

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A horse named Shayne, believed to be the oldest horse in the world, has died at the incredible age of 51. This is an amazing 120 years in human years.

Shayne was a liver chestnut Irish Draught cross thoroughbred and died last month. Despite his age, Shayne only suffered from mild arthritis and had no other health issues before passing away. He would spend several hours a day in the fresh air at an Essex sanctuary.

He was put down as he was unable to get back up after his legs gave way. Staff at the sanctuary made the decision to put Shayne down.

It is thought by staff at the sanctuary that Shayne lived for so long because his previous owners did not overwork him and due to his great personality.

Shayne’s only signs of ageing were a few grey hairs around his eyes and another few in his mane. He enjoyed a high-calorie diet of sugar beet and chaff mixed with alfalfa nuts and cabbage for treats. This diet meant that Shayne stayed strong and healthy.

He stood at 15 hands and his weight was approximately 480kg. He collapsed on 22nd February and was put to sleep shortly after.

The kind staff at Row Green Equine and Pet Crematorium in Braintree cremated Shayne for free, waiving the usual £600 fee.

However, Shayne is not the oldest horse in history. That title belongs to a horse named ‘Old Billy’ who reached the age of 62 when he died in 1822.

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