Top 5 most expensive horse health treatments – INFOGRAPHIC

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If we were to tell you that horse owners invest a lot of love, time and money into their steed then we would likely be preaching to the converted. When accidents happen or illness strikes we appreciate that it might feel like it only seems to happen to you, of course this is not the case – your vet is a call away and, if you have horse insurance, then so is your insurer. You may even be reassured to know that not only do we have horse insurance specialists in our claims department but also horse owners and riders too.

In addition to all the above sometimes simply knowing some facts and figures can help you feel like things aren’t spiralling out of control. To that end, following on from our Top 5 most common horse illness and injury claims infographic, we’ve now gone one step further to look at the Top 5 most expensive horse health treatments based on 2014 insurance claims. We’ve put all the figures into a handy infographic below but if you prefer a bit of a read feel free to keep scrolling. Hopefully these will equip you with knowledge of what you might expect and help answer the question: “What is the cost of owning a horse?“.

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Context: Horse insurance claimant profile

Please note that these are averages.

 Average age of a horse when first insured with us is: 2.5 years old

Average time before the first claim is made: 14 months

Average age of a horse when their first claim is made: 9 years old

Average number of claims received per horse: 3

90% horse insurance claims are for accidents or disease!

This number may not be surprising, but it does show that the vast majority of horse insurance claims involve Vet’s Fees – we’ll look at some actual costs for the Top 5 most expensive next. Whilst the countdown below is listed in ascending order based on average claim amount, note that the biggest total claim tells a very different story.

5. Tendons and ligaments: Average claim £1,352.
Despite being 5th place for the average claim amount and biggest total claim it is not far behind either of the next two at £5,245.
Additional fact: 93% of claims were successfully claimed.

4. Navicular problems: Average claim £1,412.
The most expensive total claim amount was still a hefty £5,619.
Additional fact: the average age of a horse at claim was 10 years old.

3. Back, spine and pelvis: Average claim £1,467.
Whilst sitting mid-table for average claim amount, it galloped to top spot for the biggest total claim at £12,871.

2. Colic: Average claim £1,619.
Colic is well-known and regarded as a common condition and weighs in high up our top 5 countdown. The biggest total claim in 2014 was for £5,318 too – interestingly this is the only one that was for Vet’s Fees only.

1. Digestive system: Average claim £1,744.
Claiming top spot are claims relating to the Digestive system with a biggest total claim coming in 2nd place at a substantial £11,506.
Additional fact: 94% of claims were successfully claimed.

[About the figures: Statistics generated from all and E&L horse insurance claims notified in 2014. All statistics and research correct at the time of publication.]

Most expesnsive horse illnesses infographic

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