Teenager gets first place in the ancient art of horse archery

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Hayley Bishop a teenager from Devon is one of the many young people who are getting into the exciting sport of horse archery.

The ancient sport which dates back to the 12th century involves archers riding along a 90 metre track, as the riders race up and down they have to aim at three separate targets, so they subsequently shoot forward and side to side,

This ancient sport was developed as a fighting technique in The Steppe – an area of grassland which stretches all the way back from Hungary and to Mongolia and was used by the Mongol horde of Genghis Khan in the 13th century.

It’s exhilarating. Even to do it from a walk is really exciting,’ said Hayley Bishop, who runs Ashmoor Horseback Archers near Tiverton in Devon, with her mother. ‘I love it. For a person who loves riding their horse and also enjoys archery, you can combine the two very successfully,’ she added.

The winner of the weekend mini-competition was 15-year-old Sophie Leahy who beat a team of expert horse archers, who have been competing for years.

The sport is now experiencing a resurgence in countries across Europe and the US.

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