Shetland pony disappears

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A five-week-old miniature Shetland pony has gone missing from its home in County Durham.  Five-week-old Daisy disappeared from Scripton Lodge, Brancepeth earlier this week. Durham police are not sure how the unweaned foal disappeared but believe it could have been stolen.

David Rodgers and Deborah Heath, who also have another 25 ponies at their property, informed the Durham police that Daisy must have gone missing after 10pm pm on 11 May. “The owners expressed concerns as the pony is still dependant on her mother and cannot survive without appropriate milk substitute,” said a police spokesman.

Daisy’s owner,  Mr Rodgers told local press: “The way the area is designed, there is no way she could have got out by herself as she’s only 17in high.  I just don’t know who’d do this. I’m concerned for her health as she has only just started to pick at grass and is still dependant on her mother’s milk for her nutrients.

There has been an increase in horse and pony theft in the last few months and horse owners are now urged to be much more vigilent. Put up signs in fields to deter thieves,  secure paddocks and do not leave collars on while the horses and ponies are grazing as they are much easier to steal.

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