Save a donkey’s life this year

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How many donkeys did you save this year? A charity is working towards save the lives of the poor working donkeys in the towns of Morocco.

The charity named SPANA, works in some of the poorest countries, improving the lives of working animals and the people who depend on them, and in particular horses and donkeys.

In the city of Bamako, Mali’s capital many donkeys are used to collect and deliver rubbish to local dumps which are later taken to landfills. The problem is that Tetanus caught through the infected rubbish is killing the donkeys. Tetanus us a toxin that releases bacteria into the blood stream, which is contracted by open wounds, generally little cuts that owners cannot see. However, the physical effects on the donkey are both painful and agonising as their nervous system is attacked, eating and drinking becomes impossible, their muscles eventually seize up due to respiratory complications until the donkey dies.

The sad fact is that their death is completely unnecessary.

SPANA are planning to raise the money to provide the two tetanus shots needed to immunise 2600 donkey’s for life. For only £15 you can give a donkey and a family peace of mind by immunisation and micro chipping the animal.

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