Pontypridd man arrested over animal welfare claims

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A serial animal welfare offender from Pontypridd, South Wales, was jailed for 12 weeks as RSPCA officers found several animals knee-deep in their own waste in the cellar at the man’s property.
The man admitted having a pony, a cat, two goats, nine geese and eleven dogs in shocking conditions in the former pub’s basement.
One of the officers described the conditions: ‘There was a foul smell emanating from all the rooms and a pungent smell of urine and manure coming from the cellar.’

One of the animals saved, a greyhound, had 30 of her 34 teeth removed due to decay. Apart form oral neglect, all the animals were suffering from ear infections and were infested with fleas.

It was a very sad sight to see these animals suffering due to prolonged neglect and RSPCA officers were shocked when they raided the property.

As well as a jail sentence and a fine, the man was banned for life from owning, keeping or controlling animals.

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