Parasailing donkey used to boost business

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A Russian tour operator used a parasailing donkey to try and boost his business. It happened on a beach at Golubitskaya, on the Sea of Azoz, southern Russia that the donkey’s owner decided to strap it into the harness, tow the poor creature in the water for half an hour then launched it into the air at least 30 metres above the surf. Stunned beachgoers were filming the ‘unusual attraction’ for which the police have now launched an animal cruelty investigation. The owner used the donkey for years to attract tourist to take photographs on the beach, but this time he decided to arrange this stunt to boost his parasailing business and took it a step too far. Thankfully, the donkey was not harmed, but the owner will have to pay a heavy fine or spend a maximum of two-year jail sentence.

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