Miracle horse makes a full recovery after being left to rot to death

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Dolly the two year old cob was reported to animal charity Happy Endings after she was seen by a passer by abandoned and dumped in a small enclosure in a field, weak and starving with no food or water.

Dolly was recovered by the charity four months ago at a third of her normal body weight. She had developed sores all over her body due to her being so weak and having to lie in her own filth. The charity thinks that Dolly had been dumped in the field after giving birth to a foal, with the baby taken away and leaving its Mum to starve.

It was thought by vets that the poor horse was only hours away from death when she was found, getting life saving treatment in the nick of time. Founder of Happy Endings, Chris Johns said: ‘I have never seen a horse so close to death as Dolly, if we had got there a couple of hours later I don’t think she would be alive now. Over the years I have seen some pretty awful examples of human cruelty, but I was shocked and devastated when we laid eyes on this poor little pony.’

It was found after examination that Dolly had suffered horrifying pressure sores on her head, shoulder, across her back, ribs, hip and back leg where the weight of her bones had pressed on her skin and she was too weak to move.

‘She was so weak she was just laying on the ground, she barely had the energy to lift her head. She had pressure sores all over her head and body where she had been laying in her own filth and the stench of decomposing flesh was unbearable. She had literally been left to rot to death with no food or water.’

Today, Dolly is a happy, healthy and well horse, and the transformation from her former self is truly remarkable. She made it through her first night only weighing 200kg, and now weighs a healthy 430kg and growing. She is now back with the charity who rescued her, Happy Endings Animal Rescue Charity in Hailsham, and is continuing her miraculous recovery.

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