Middlesbrough’s mounted police officer

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There is no escaping for any criminal if an officer on horseback is chasing them, as a criminal has found out in Middlesbrough recently. Pc Lindsley was on routine patrol when he received a radio alert about a man who had failed to appear in court but was spotted by other officers on the streets of Middlesbrough. Pc Lindsley spotted the man and dismounted to speak to him, but he did not expect the suspect to try to escape and this is exactly what happened. The suspect started to run down the street trying to outrun the police horse, little did he know that not only Pc Lindsley has years of experience as a mounted police officer, but he has a trusty sidekick – Reg the eight-year-old Shire cross horse. The pair chased the suspect down the busy streets of Middlesbrough, manoeuvring through the traffic and caught up with the suspect who was sick due to physical exertion and confessed: ‘I’m never going to run from a police horse ever again.’

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