Lewis the horse learns yoga

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At 17 years old, you would expect Egyptian Arabian horse Lewis to be taking it easy. However Lewis is now super-fit, after learning and undertaking yoga for several hours every day to beat his stiff joints.

After practicing her own yoga stretches whilst mucking out, owner Linda Guanti was stunned to see her veteran horse Lewis mimicking her moves.

Linda, 35, spent many hours teaching Lewis the different complex poses, and he has now mastered many difficult poses, including ‘The Bow’, where he kneels forward to push his nose into the ground and stretch his back, which would cause most horses to spook.

Lewis is even able to carry on competing at 17, as the yoga seems to have eased his stiff joints. Owner Linda unfortunately suffered an injury from falling off a horse when she was 14, which meant through her adult life she has been unable to ride properly. After she began yoga, she noticed a big difference in her health and back problems.

She said: ‘Yoga with him has helped the initial healing process and was keeping my body in the healthiest state it could be. All the past limitations and pain from my injury were lessening.’

Linda also mentioned: ‘I was overjoyed. My riding skills improved, my body awareness and balance improved. My outlook on life improved. Yoga is also just as beneficial for horses as for humans. Horses have the same issues as we do. Stretching and body awareness reduces injury and enhances performance and pleasure in activity.’

Linda is now a part-time yoga instructor and runs classes that people can bring their horses to.

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