Keep Your Horse in Tip-Top Condition in Seven Simple Steps

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Keep Your Horse in Tip-Top Condition in Seven Simple Steps

Grooming is an essential task that not only provides you with the opportunity to inspect your horse’s body for injuries but also helps to prevent sores, facilitate bonding and stimulate blood flow to the skin.

Before You Begin

Before you begin grooming, secure your horse by tying it up with a halter and lead rope and ensure all your grooming tools are close to hand. When grooming your horse, remember to stay calm and be gentle. This is particularly important if your horse is young or may startle during grooming. While you may be able to reclaim the cost of treating bolt-related injuries through your horse insurance from E&L, you must take steps to prevent your horse from becoming startled.

Picking Out the Hooves

Gently lift one of your horse’s front legs and wrap your hand around its lower leg. Using a hoof prick, work in a downward motion from the heel of the foot to the toe and remove any rocks and dirt from the hoof. For the hind feet, gently pinch between the hock and ankle to force your horse to lift his foot. Following supporting his hoof, remove any debris.

Curry Combing the Coat

If your horse is moulting, muddy or has thick hair, use a curry comb to bring out any dirt. Move the comb in circular motions over your horse’s muscles, avoiding any bony areas, such as the spine and legs. Work your way from your horse’s neck to his rump.

Dandy Brushing the Coat

Use a hard-bristled dandy brush to remove any dirt and loose hair brought to the surface by the curry comb. Move the dandy brush in flicking motions to enable the bristles to penetrate the hairs of the coat. Avoid brushing the face, belly, mane, tail and ears.

Body Brushing the Coat

Body brushing the coat with a soft-bristled body brush will remove any remaining dirt and dust. If your brush is extremely soft, use it on your horse’s face and legs.

Sponging the Eyes and Nose

Take a baby wipe and wipe your horse’s delicate eye area, using a different corner of the wipe on each eye to avoid spreading infection. Clean out your horse’s nose and wipe its dock area in a similar fashion, ensuring that you use a new wipe for each area.

Detangling the Mane and Tail

Use a wide-bristled mane brush to detangle the hairs of the mane and tail. Holding the tail in one hand, divide the hair into small sections and brush each section out until you have brushed the whole tail.

To keep your horse looking and feeling great, take the time to groom him before and after every ride.


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