Horses narrowly escape after block of 20 stables destroyed in blaze

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Six horses have managed to escape from a block of stables in Orpington, Kent when a fire started in the stables last Monday night.

A passing driver reported the fire at Downe Court Stables just before 11pm, and the blaze is not yet known to be an accident or arson.

One horse was singed by the fire, but all six managed to luckily escape after a neighbour saw the blaze and ran out to release them. Joint yard owner Rebecca Gowing said: ‘We were lucky really as we only had six horses in that block as most were turned out. Thankfully our neighbour, who loves horses, saw what was going on and released them, if he hadn’t then there is no way they could have survived.’

Rebecca Gowing’s neighbour was declared a hero as he also got four other horses out from another nearby block, including two mares with foals. All 20 stables were destroyed including the feed and storage rooms which stored tack and rugs.

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