Horse Insurance Case study: Thor the show horse

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Sometimes life throws up unexpected hurdles. Just ask Mrs Alexandra Kane, the proud owner of two year old Thor, a chestnut Haflinger gelding who’s been through all manner of trouble in the past year.

“After years and years of wanting a horse, my husband and I finally bought Thor (Schieferstein Archer) last March from a dear friend and fantastic Haflinger breeder,” Mrs Kane told us at “She was keen to get me into in-hand showing to help our confidence, as well as assisting with ground training.”


Thor had already placed highly at the Haflinger Breed Show. Under Alexandra’s tutelage, Thor won two first places in his class, and won the championship at Horseshoe Farm near his home in Norfolk. He placed third in his class at 2014’s Royal Norfolk Show. However, nothing could quite prepare them for what would come next.


… never used horse insurance before…

“The first incident was a real shock,” Alexandra says. “Thor had cut his leg. My vet was out immediately and having never used horse insurance before, I was in a real state!”

After having called us, Mrs Kane was in the hands of our claims team. “A very friendly voice on the other end guided me through what needed to be done and gave me advice. I received my paperwork incredibly quickly and got everything processed.”

“I understand that filing a claim and the process through to payment can take time but even so, the assistance of some individuals really helped put my mind at ease during an upsetting time.”


Thor’s troubles weren’t yet over…

Unfortunately, Thor’s troubles weren’t yet over. “Unknown to us at the time, he had sustained a kick to the same leg by a fieldmate. He was on box rest for several weeks as per the vet’s advice. Next, whilst on a small turnout following his box rest, Thor cut open his foot – I honestly at times felt overwhelmed!”


… the vet’s bills were mounting up…

As is a reality faced by all horse owners, even one small accident can create a fast-spiralling chain of costs. “I was incredibly nervous, the vet’s bills were mounting up thanks to my accident prone pony – and we had just bought a house. It could not have been worse timing.”

Alexandra kept in touch with us regularly. “I emailed almost every day for updates – everyone was incredibly patient and kind. Especially considering how many claims must be processed at any time.” The steps through Alexandra’s claim were quick and straightforward. She called for a claim form, completed it along with her vet, and promptly received payment of Thor’s costs after an assessment and the deduction of her excess. “During every steps, someone always kept me well informed and asked me for any information which may be required.”


… successful claim…

Following her successful claim, Mrs Kane wrote to us thanking everyone involved in the procedure. “I really do think it should be recognised that large companies – who so many are quick to judge – are made up of individuals. These individuals are the backbone of these companies, their care and dedication to the job and more importantly to the customer is often overlooked. I want to personally thank all of you for making my contact less daunting, easy and worry-free. I am a relatively new customer with you, but I will certainly be with you for many years to come.”

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