Horse Insurance Case study: Mia and a mystery condition

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Photo of Mia and owner Rachel

Meet Rachel and Mia her horse

Being a horse owner can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences, however, when something goes wrong the financial implications can be devastating. A horse’s life expectancy is around 20 to 30 years, so within their lifetime they may require some form of medical attention.

Rachel Holmes noticed something amiss with her horse one day and didn’t hesitate to seek further help. “My horse was very swollen around her abdomen and in severe pain resulting in a need to call the vet out,” Rachel told us. She was nothing but impressed with our equine service. “It is reassuring to know that you are insured and you are able to ask the vet to do whatever is necessary to help your animal.”

With insurance comes the peace of mind of knowing there is help on hand. “I phoned E&L almost immediately to ask for advice around the claims process,” Rachel said, “and all my questions were answered which in turn left me reassured at this worrying time.”

Mia’s mystery condition

Rachel was then able to ask the vet to run their essential tests. Mia was kept in overnight and monitored to determine the cause of her pain. “It was a long process for both diagnosis and healing,” Rachel explained, “in fact we are still unsure what caused the problem.”

Mia had blood tests, an ultrasound scan, and rectal examination, and was given a range of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to ease her condition. Mia is still recovering and has only recently been well enough to return back into light work. Rachel is very pleased with her progress and to have Mia feeling much more like her old self.

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