Horse collaspses on vet

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A vet on a home visit got more than she bargained for when the horse she was treating fell asleep on her. The vet has been called to a local farm after a horse had become stuck in a fence.

The /Devon and Somerset Fire Service was called out last Saturday night to find the very heavily sedated mare collapsed on top of the vet squashed underneath.

Luckily the fire services turned up fairly quickly and released the woman from underneath the horse and subsequently freed the animal from the fence.

Fire Station manager, Jim Laker said, ‘One of the vets got herself caught between the horse and the ditch, but she’s fine and we got her out. They [two vets] were concerned about whether the horse had sustained some neck injuries, and if it had some fluid on the lungs. The vets were not sure of the state of the young mare, but we managed to achieve the rescue with the horse, but whether its initial injuries were severe they couldn’t tell in the dark.”

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