Heartwarming tale of donkey’s popularity

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For over 30 years Ebenezer the donkey has been a core part of the Grandview community in  Missouri. Whenever the locals pass by, they would stop to say hello and provide him with a few treats to liven up his day.

Sadly, age is catching up with Ebenezer, who is in need of dental work and treatment for white line disease of his hooves.
The Kansas City Star Newspaper, ran a touching story about Ebenezer on its front page earlier this year inviting anyone wanting to contribute to the donkey’s veterinary bills could make a donation to Equine Health Solutions, a veterinary clinic in Raymore.
Within just days readers its readers opened their wallets and contributed over $5000 to
Ebenezer, enabling him to receive a much needed course of treatment.

Ebenezer is owned by Ben Alvarado, an 85-year-old World War 2 veteran, who admitted to the newspaper that Ebenezer has more friends than he does.

Alvarado is no longer able to visit his donkey as much as he used to, but Ebenezer is not short of visitors and support as many people from his community have been to visit him and he even has a Facebook page. “All those people who come to visit him, they’re his family now,” he told the newspaper.

Ebenezer has already arrived at the clinic for his health exam, blood work and x-rays. He  has a lung infection and is responding well to treatment.

The Clinic reported, “Ebe’s general health has to improve before his teeth issues can be addressed.”

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