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Are you a horse rider? Would you benefit from a few sessions with an experienced trainer to look at those issues that have been bothering you for some time?

Well look no further as Wendy Cochran has just launched the Uk’s first online directory of equestrian trainers. The site is divided into five regions in the Uk, enabling you to find a suitable trainer or training venue close to where you live.

Event rider and founder of the website, Wendy Cochran told Your Horse why she started the site, “Finding a good trainer can make such a difference to riders at all levels. Even one session with a good instructor can help to solve problems that have been dragging on for months, even years.” Visit for find a trainer in your area.

She explained that there are a lot of excellent trainers in the UK running clinics but they are often half full as the events are not publicised enough and riders are not aware of them.

Olivia Wilmot rider and trainer confirmed the importance of seeing a good trainer. She said, “Without good training I would not have achieved a fraction of what I have done in my career so far. As a trainer I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing my pupils progress, yet it’s hard to juggle my riding and teaching commitments.

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