Ebony horse club

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The Ebony Horse Club is one of Britain’s most unusual riding schools. It’s the only horse clubone to operate all year round without either horses or stables of its own. In the 14 years that the club has existed it has been ferrying disadvantaged children, aged eight to 18, to stables all over London, there have been triumphs – two members have gone to the British Racing School to train as jockeys. However, there have also been devasting  tragedy, when the club’s leading riders was murdered.

The club is close to securing the final pieces of it’s £1.75 million funding jigsaw fall into place, by next year Ebony should have stables of its own.

If the funds aresceured, by Autumn 2011 the full functioning riding club with  paddocks, open air school will replace a wasteland for junkies to a real place for youth, development and achievement.

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