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Do you trust your horse insurance?
Read Audrey and Sisco’s claim story…

“As pet owners, we have an obligation to create a safe environment for our animals, just as we should with our children,” writes Audrey, a policyholder for the last five years. “Why should insurance companies pay out if say, the fencing to a field is dreadful and a horse gets caught up in wire, or you let your dog chase your horse in the field and it runs into something?”

True, your insurer will stress that you should take all appropriate care and effort to reduce the potential for risk to the insured. It’s simple common sense to ensure good field maintenance and responsible behaviour around your animals. That goes for any kind of insurance, but tends to risk opening a door for an insurer being let off the hook: not paying out for claims if it can be interpreted that a policyholder didn’t hold up their end of the agreement.

Prompt and efficient

“I’ve heard a lot about insurance companies trying to ‘get out’ of payments and a lot of the time I can understand this,” Audrey wrote when she got in touch recently. “I wasn’t expecting your company to be so prompt and efficient.”

It’s only natural to be apprehensive when approaching insurance; being confident that your insurer will be there to help pick up the pieces after something serious is an issue that lies right at the heart of your choice. As an insured horse owner it’s likely you will claim for an accident – out of all claims in 2014 the owners and riders insured with had made an average of two claims during the lifetime of their policy (the exact number is actually a little over the previous figure). And, as 91% of all such claims in 2014 successfully attest*, we do our best to ensure that the high costs for vet’s fees and other bills are covered throughout your horse’s life.

*91% successful claim rate is based on all claims notified in 2014 excluding erroneous files and claims not proceeded with on behalf of the insured. As such only 9% of the remaining figure were rejected, the majority of which due to not having appropriate cover.

Uveitis and head shaking syndrome

“My horse has had some setbacks,” Audrey told us. “I may have to retire him at the grand old age of eight years old.” Audrey had written to thank those involved in handling her claim directly. Her horse, Sisco, had suffered uveitis and head shaking syndrome. “I have twice claimed for Sisco previously for leg injuries,” Audrey told us, “and your company came up trumps and paid for these claims.” Like many insured horse owners, Audrey’s policy has ended up saving her thousands of pounds over the course of the years she and Sisco have been insured with us. “I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. Your company paid out promptly for Sisco’s claim, kept me informed of things via email and paid my settlement straight into my bank account.

Very professional… and very reasonable

“Your company has dealt with my claims in a very professional, impressive manner and I will always be obliged for this. The costs of your policies are very reasonable for the average horse owner compared to others in the market.” Whilst he’s now getting on in years, we are sure that Sisco could not hope for  better care than under the watchful eye of Audrey.

It may be an unfortunate bind not to be able to show or compete, but at least Audrey’s pride and joy will still be by her side. “It breaks my heart as he was my last horse as I’m now 55 and the years are running out. I’ve been riding off and on for about 30 years,” Audrey told us, “and if I do get another horse I will be using your company for my insurance.”

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