Competing on Your Horse: What You Should be Aware of

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As the weather begins to warm up and the days get longer, many horse owners and riders like to get out more and more. For those more-skilled equestrians the opportunity to enter into competitions is a tantalising opportunity to showcase their talent. With such a wide range of events, the chance of misfortune befalling you or your horse increases. We spoke to the expert at to find out a more about staying protected whilst competing.

What sort of events do people compete in?

There are lots of events that you can take part over the summer months. I compete with my horse in local show jumping, cross country and ridden hunter and working hunter competitions. But there are a range of other events also, such as dressage and Indoor TREC.

How does having horse insurance affect competing?

Insurance is an important part of competing. Many competition venues state that a horse and rider must be insured for public liability at least. There are no regulations for veterinary fees or any other aspects of horse insurance, however there is an increased risk of accidents or injuries happening.

What are the added risks of taking your horse to competitions?

Competition venues put your horse in a situation where they are in direct contact with an increased number of other horses who they don’t know, all in the same warm up and horse box areas. Because of this there can be an increased chance of spooking, escaping from the owner and running loose.

What sorts of incidents could occur during the events?

From a competition side of things, cross country jumping can be uncertain, due to the high speeds at which you and your horse approach solid jumps. Because of this, there is a tendency to see a number of injuries such as rotational falls, tendon injuries and wounds. Show jumping can frequently see problems with the navicular bone and ligaments.

Why did you choose to take out horse insurance?

For me personally, I found it important as a horse owner but especially as an owner of a competition horse. Its peace of mind knowing that although you’re putting your horse in a higher risk situation, insurance could cover you for many eventualities.

If you are planning on competing this summer, offer Public Liability, Personal Accident and Permanent Loss of Use as optional benefits that could protect you in the event of the unexpected.  With a 40% Intro discount and an additional 5% Multi-horse discount, saddle up and rein in a deal!

Visit or call on 03300 241 584 today to see what activities you could be covered for!


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