Choosing Tack for Your Horse

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Choosing Tack for Your Horse

Well-made equipment, or tack as it is more commonly known, is as much of an investment as a horse itself. You should therefore take the time to research and select the correct tack for your horse’s needs.

The saddle

Choosing a saddle is never an easy decision. The saddle should be comfortable to use and must be suitable for the discipline for which it will be used. Dressage saddles are deep seated and straight cut. The stirrup is positioned further back to accommodate a longer leg position. Jumping saddles, on the other hand, feature a forward-cut flap, designed to allow for a much shorter leg position. They therefore place you in the perfect position for jumping. General-purpose saddles are a combination of both dressage and jumping saddles and are generally considered suitable for a wide range of disciplines.

Once you have decided on the best type of saddle for your personal requirements, you will need to consider the size. The majority of saddles come in a range of sizes and it is essential to ensure that your chosen saddle fits correctly. You must check that your saddle does not press down on your horse’s spine or restrict its shoulder movement in any way.

The bridle

Before buying a bridle, you will need to decide on whether you desire a bridle to enhance your horse’s appearance or solve a specific problem. A correctly fitted bridle will not only improve your horse’s comfort but will also improve its performance. You should take several measurements of your horse to aid the bridle buying process. The side buckles of your chosen bridle should stand in line with your horse’s eyes and the browband should not pull the headpiece into the ears or sag at the front. You should be able to push your thumb underneath the noseband and the bit should sit comfortably in your horse’s mouth.

Once you have chosen tack for your horse, you must perform regular checks on its condition. By following a maintenance regime, you will be able to prolong the lifespan of your equipment. If you are at all concerned about the cost of repairing or replacing your equipment, you may wish to consider taking out tack horse insurance, which will help to protect your initial investment.


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