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The Blue Cross is asking horse owners to consider giving their existing horses a companion.

The Uk’s leading pet charity is asking for a mixture of homes for the companion horses. Although these horse may not be suitable for riding, they still have a great deal to offer and can make excellent company to riding horses who can benefit tremendously from an equine partner.

Senior Riding Groom at The Blue Cross said that,” Horses are herd animals that rely upon each other for mutual grooming, safety and company. Not only will companions fulfill these important, instinctive needs but they can also have a positive influence on the behaviour of other horses, particularly youngsters, highly strung or anxious types by providing calmness and stability.”

She also added that, “Some people believe it’s easier to get a small pony as a companion as it will be cheaper and easier to keep. This may be true if you already have a pony with similar management needs. However a horse will often be better off with a horse rather than a pony as a companion as they can share the same grazing and feeding regime safely.”

If you have the knowledge and the facilities to offer a horse a second chance contact the Blue Cross on 01993 822454.

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