Can an iphone help you manage your horse?

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Do you have an iphone? Did you know that a recently launched iphone application can assist you in managing your horse’s health?

Equestrius is a new iphone application for horse owners. It stores each horses administrative details of horse ownership including weight tracking, health history shoeing schedule etc

Bob Easterday of Dance the Tide Development who co-launched the product said,
“Equestrius was my wife’s idea. She looks after our three shires and needed a way to keep track of the vet and farrier visits, worming treatments and a host of other details related to caring for them.”

For those of you skeptics who are thinking, I’ve been using a notebook for 20 years and I’ve got no plans to change. Mr Easterday said features like alarms when worming is due and a weight calculator make the app more useful than a notebook.

You can purchase Equestrius from itunes for £3.45.

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