Brave 17 year old saves 15 horses from blaze

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When a barn at the Royal Road Equestrian Centre in Fredericton, Canada, went up in flames early Monday morning, Shanita Fox-Pelletier did all she could to rescue the horses. Tragically, Shanita was unable to save her own horse Kingston from the flames.

Shanita and her mother were both awakened early Monday morning by dogs barking and the smell of smoke, as they lived in an apartment just across from the barn.

She called 911 and ran over to the barn to help. She managed to rescue 15 horses in all, releasing them from the barn to the open fields into safety. “Sadly, by the time I got to the back of the barn my horse’s stall was already completely engulfed in flames and the ceiling crashed down on top of him,” Shanita said.

Miss Fox-Pelletier and her mother managed to rescue all but 3 of the horses, remaining calm at all times in order to maintain the calmness of the horses.

The barn is still under investigation with regards to the cause of the fire, but the barn was completely destroyed. It is unknown, Shanita said, what happened to the cats and the kittens living in the barn, but the dogs which alerted her to the fire escaped.

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