Ban called for NYC horse & carriage

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The iconic image of the horse drawn carriage around Central Park and the streets of New York City may soon be a thing of the past. A call to ban the practice has been announced, as it is claimed that the horses are not treated fairly, and their quality of life is compromised.

‘The horses suffer’, said Linda Rosenthall, a member of the campaign. ‘They have wretched lives.’

Up to 68 carriages can often wave their way through heavy traffic around Central Park. Last year, however, a strict law was enforced to improve the horses’ welfare in such situations.

Colm Glennon, 43, who has been a carriage driver for over 15 years said: ‘The word ‘abuse’ gets bandied around too lightly. We have inspectors on a daily basis, coming to look at the horses. There are a lot of family men here with kids, homes and payments.’

Recently, there have been two accidents on the streets of New York City involving cars, which have encouraged the ban. Campaigner Elizabeth Forel said: ‘They’re flimsy, they’re slow moving and horses are very sensitive animals, they spook easily.’

Mr Glennon stated in response: ‘There’s accidents in every organisation. A taxi drove into the back of a carriage and hurt a man, put him in a coma. We’re all abusers of horses then because of this? It just doesn’t make sense.’

Civilian Gabby, 20, said: ‘People enjoy them. I think maybe (the horses) should get some freedom, but I don’t think they should be banned.’

Let us know your view on the ban proposal.

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