A Horse walks into a Bar and the Barman says…“weren’t you at the train station last week?”

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Horse InsuranceThat’s right Wrexham’s new celebrity pony, Ruby, has been out and about again. This time the white pony trotted into Wrexham’s Weatherspoons….in a scene that was sure to excite many joke book writers.

Far from having a long face the pony seemed perfectly content as she was led into the pub by owner Joe Purcell.

The incident took place, just a week after the pair tried to take to the tracks on an railway adventure.

Unfortunately, the drinking session was also cut short when staff asked both Joe and Ruby to leave.

Joe has however vowed that this will not be the last we see of the Ruby. He is fully intent on attempting further adventures with the world famous pony whom he has raised since she was a foul.

Speaking in The Mirror Joe said ““I’ll do it till I die. I love the horse.”

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