A close shave!

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A horse in Wales had a close shave when it fell into a wild river on wasteland in Llanelli, Dyfed.

The Welsh cob fell into a tributary of the river Loughour last Monday, 24 May.  No one saw or knows how he managed to fall in.

The Llanelli Fire Station were called in to help him get out. Ricky Woodhead the station manager found the horse

said: “The horse had fallen into a tributary to the river Loughour, with very, very steep 2-metre banks.  It’s a small river running across wasteland on the site of an old tinworks, so it’s full of industrial waste.”

Mr Woodhead found the horse standing a concrete slab, surrounded by sharp-edged scrap metal. It was a miracle that he was not injured.

Rescuers had hoped to lead the horse up or downstream, but that was impossible due to the tangle of twisted metal choking the stream in both directions. Neither did the fire station have any equipment to lift the horse.

“Luckily,” said Mr Woodhead, “there was a building site nearby with a JCB with an extendible lifter. Using the JCB and our own strops and lines, we hoisted the horse up and out of the river.”

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