A Beginner’s Guide to Horseback Riding

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A Beginner’s Guide to Horseback Riding

If you love horses of all shapes and sizes and are looking for way to enjoy the great outdoors in style, horseback riding is likely to be your ideal pursuit. However, learning to ride can be a daunting experience, particularly if you have never mounted a horse before. To learn to ride safely and effectively, follow these essential tips:

Tip #1: Get to know your horse

When approaching your horse, it is essential to realise that he may be just as nervous as you are. If you take a look at your horse, you will see that his eyes are on the side of his head. Therefore, he may not be able to see you if you walk directly in front of him. You should always approach your horse from the side so that he will be able to see that you are approaching. Once you are near your horse, let him know you are there. Reach your hand out with your palm facing upwards, and allow your horse to sniff your palm.

Tip #2: Mount your horse on the left side

When you are ready to mount your horse, do so from his left side. Your horse may have been trained to only accept riders from the left side. If you try to mount your horse from the right, he may become startled.

Tip #3: Keep your heels down

Once you have mounted your horse, remember to keep your heels pointed down towards the ground. In doing so, you will correct your posture and protect your own safety. If your horse decides to stop without warning, the positioning of your heels will prevent you from flying over your horse’s head.

Tip #4: Learn to stop

To stop your horse, you will need to pull back on your reins. As you pull back, slowly lean back on your horse and allow your weight to sink down into the base of your heels. Your actions will signal to your horse that you are ready to stop.

Tip #5: Be patient

While you may wish to start galloping through the fields after your very first lesson, you will need to be patient and learn the basics before you are able to do so. Ideally, you should receive lessons from a British Horse Society or Association of British Riding Schools approved riding school in your locality. When you choose an approved riding school, you will be able to rest safe in the knowledge that your lessons will be safe and well run and that any accidents will be covered by horse insurance. During your lessons, you will be able to practice horseback riding under the watchful eye of a trained instructor. Once you have grown comfortable with the basics, you will need to work up to a trot before you are able to try galloping across fields.10. How to hide the nerves when giving your wedding speech.


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