Working horses to feature on Royal Mail stamp set

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The Royal Mail is set to release a set of stamps honouring the working horses of Britain next month, reports Horse and Hound.

When purchased together, the six stamps will be presented in an envelope with the picture of a galloping Clydesdale on the front. It will be the perfect collectors' item for horse lovers.

One of the stamps features a child interacting with a horse to highlight the work of the Riding for the Disabled Association, which allows some 30,000 people to enjoy being around these animals every year.

Another shows an image of the King's Troop ceremonial horses, while two of the Windsor greys that make up the Royal Mews carriage horses are also represented.

A more common sight for people around the UK will be police horses and the work they do is honoured in a separate stamp, as are forestry horses.

Finally, the shires used by Hook Norton Brewery take pride of place in the set too. The beer producer in the Cotswolds is one of the last to use horses to deliver dray to local pubs.

The set is due to be issued on February 4th and can be purchased at a price of £13.95.

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