Rescue centre reveals a rise in neglected horses

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A charity has saved a pony in Wilmington after they found her in a severe state of neglect.

Rainbow Bridge Equine Rescue discovered the extremely emaciated horse tied to a livery centre post in Surrey on June 4th.

Centre founder Julie Karimi said: "We didn’t really have the room for her but she would have been put to sleep if we didn’t take her – I couldn’t let that happen."

Ms Karimi has put the horse on a high calorie diet which costs £30 per nosebag. The pony is also in need of expensive medical care.

Roly Owers, chief executive of World Horse Welfare, told the Daily Express: "We feel we are sleepwalking into an equine crisis. Our statistics show it is well and truly upon us."

Mr Owers revealed that 7,000 horses are at risk from neglect and abandonment due to over-breeding.

World Horse Welfare, one of the many rescue centres in Britain, found 600 cases of neglected horses in the first few months of 2013. This was 22 per cent more than 2012.

Awareness must be raised with many people needing the message that although a horse may bring much joy, they are a life-long commitment.

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