RSPCA to meet with owner that keeps horses in squalor

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Equine insurance customers might be interested to learn that RSPCA officials in Lancashire are due to meet with an Edgworth farmer today (December 8th) to discuss the conditions that he currently keeps his horses in.

A Facebook campaign that has attracted 4,000 members has made strong allegations about the state of the horses and officials for the organisation have found that the horses were in satisfactory conditions but their environment was not, Bolton News reports.

North regional superintendent for the RSPCA Martin Marsh said the owner had been given the opportunity to sign the horses over to the RSPCA but he has said he doesn't wish to do so.

"We are therefore meeting with him again today to discuss plans for moving them to somewhere more suitable and we will be working with him to achieve that," he was reported as saying.

Of most concern was the horse found laying in one of his fields and slowly dying of starvation. This horse has since been bought by a vet and taken away from the farm.

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