Police horses get respite thanks to charity

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A charity in Buckinghamshire is providing two young horses from the Metropolitan Police Force with a break.

The Horse Trust offers respite for various equines, including those working with the police. It highlights the need for care with any individual, as well as the benefits of a break – older horses may need to recover from an injury or simply recuperate their strength, while younger ones need to regain stamina for both training and work.

It currently has two animal guests from the police – Qwerty is a four-year-old bay in need of a pause from training, while Poppy has just finished a ten-month break with the trust.

The group notes that such work activities can be both mentally and physically tiring for the animals. Occasional breaks are good for their health, especially those working for the police as they also stand to be involved in more difficult or stressful situations.

The Horse Trust also offers somewhere for police horses as they get older and are no longer able to meet the physical needs required for work.

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