Owner reunited with stolen horse after 3 years

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A horse owner has been reunited with her bay cob three years after he was stolen and then sold to a riding school in Scotland.

Despite being more than 400 miles away from home, an internet search by the owners of the centre allowed them to discover where Quincey belonged.

Teresa Newcome-Baker was astonished when she received the phone call saying they had found the horse she never expected to see again.

"I was ecstatic. They didn't ask for payment. They gave me a phone call while I was at work. I sat and cried for ten minutes, out of shock more than anything," she said.

Ms Newcome-Baker had loaned Quincey out when she could not ride him due to a shoulder injury, but he was never returned.

When staff at the riding school took receipt of the new horse they checked his markings on the internet and discovered that they matched the description of an animal that had been missing for several years.

Seeing Quincey and Ms Newcome-Baker reunited it was clear that the pair had once been very close and are now renewing that bond once more.

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