Horseboxes are being over-laden, it has been claimed

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An increasing number of equine insurance customers in the UK are driving with their horseboxes over-laden which could put their animals' lives at risk, according to recent survey results.

Research – conducted by NFU Mutual, the British Horse Society and PRP Equine Rescue Services – was undertaken to investigate people's attitudes towards horsebox safety.

It found that 64 per cent of boxes are over-laden, while a further 56.5 per cent admitted they fail to check the tyre pressure before heading on journeys. Nearly one-third of drivers also suggested they do not know the legal tread for tyres.

Jon Phillips at PRP Equine Rescue Services told Horse and Hound that people that drive with overweight lorries are significantly increasing the risk of an accident.

Sheila Hardy from the British Horse Society added: "We hope that during the next 12 months as many drivers as possible will find out the weight of what they are carrying and the dangers of being overloaded."

In September, a local councillor helped foil the theft of three horses in a horsebox by chasing the assailants in his car before cornering them and securing the equine.

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