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Caring for a horse is most certainly a full-time job and as with anything, if you try and put as much into as you can, the rewards will be greater.

While it takes a lot of hard work and plenty of finances, owning and caring for an equine can be an extremely rewarding pursuit.

If you build up a strong personal relationship and bond with your animal it will no longer feel like a chore to care for them, it will just be second nature.

Indeed, leading equine behaviourist Emma Massingale suggests that when training your horse in particular, the motivation to do so must come from within you and it will be much easier if you have a strong bond with the beast.

Working with a horse has seemed much more desirable in the last few months following on from the success of the Olympics where the Team GB equestrian team had their best ever Games.

It has been noted by riding schools up and down the country since the summer that the amount of interest in teaming up with a new horse has increased markedly.

James Shepherd, who runs South Cambridgeshire EC recently told Horse and Hound that he had witnessed a "massive increase" in the amount of inquiries from new clients and those people that wanted to return to riding after a break.

Ms Massingale said the success at the Games serves as an inspiration to many people looking to take up riding and she believes that it will also encourage equine insurance customers to stick at riding for longer than perhaps they would have done previously.

The expert added that the Olympics has given many potential owners something to aspire to and makes it much easier to put up with the costs and hard work, as some might think that one day their horse may be able to compete at the sort of level.

When it comes to training your horse, the approach in which people used to bully horses and physically dominate them is completely backwards and wrong. It is now much more about creating a bond and trust between you and your animals.

Once you have that relationship, it will be much easier to not only just ride but also carry out all the chores that can sometimes be a bit laborious.

There is no real set way to create this trust but it is a very important consideration that prospective owners must think about.

Indeed, chief executive at HC Sport Horses Tamara Czartoryski recently said that there is no correct way to train your horse, but you must always have plenty of patience as some animals will learn at different speeds.

It is always best to teach a horse calmly and try to make it as interesting as possible.

Ms Massingale added: "We've had horses do incredible things for us and it's all based on the relationship. That comes with time, patience and wanting to understand and learn more about horses and how they interact with one another, and then mimicking those gestures to get them to do what we want."

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