Escaped horses wreak havoc for Lincolnshire Police

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Police officers in Lincoln may be more used to fighting crime than dealing with animals, but they were tasked with an unusual equine rescue mission in the city last week.

According to BBC News, 25 horses were spotted on CCTV roaming around public areas after escaping through a hole in the fence surrounding their field shortly before 03:00 GMT on Thursday (December 20th).

The animals were no doubt thrilled to be out making mischief and they trotted around the area near Lincoln Cathedral for several hours as their owners and police officers tried to convince them to return home.

Eventually, one man had the idea of buying some carrots and apples to tempt the horses with and they allowed themselves to be cornered in the hospital car park.

The beasts were led back to their field in West Common at around 06:00 GMT after three hours of unexpected freedom.

"I'm guessing that something spooked these horses and just caused them to run," said a Lincolnshire Police spokesperson.

Last week, the RSPCA was tasked with a much more serious rescue mission in south Wales after a horse became stuck in wire near the Taff Trail in Abercanaid, Merthyr Tydfil.

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