‘Robohorse’ attracts thousands

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When 15 year old Meg the Shire horse was reported to have a horrific foot injury by a member of the public, the charity World Horse Welfare stepped in.

After further inspection, Meg was found to have a split all the way up one of her hooves, infested with about 100 maggots. The team at World Horse Welfare did all they could to clean the wound, and Farrier John Blake worked to create a unique shoe which Meg wore for 3-4 months to allow her hoof to regrow and heal.

John said: ‘The injury to the foot was caused from her long feet which meant the hoof had split from the bottom all the way to the coronary band. I had to cut away all of the infected and damaged hoof around the injury and then create a shoe which would cover that side of the hoof to allow it to grow underneath.’

Meg is now living on the Familiar Friends section of Colchester Zoo, where she loves playing with adults and children alike who come to visit her. She is very calm, easy to work with and well behaved.

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