What you need when taking in a horse

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What you need when taking in a horse. Horse insurance with Horse-insurance.co.uk

Horse-insurance.co.uk offer comprehensive cover for your horse or pony and give you the freedom to choose a policy that suits your requirements. We are dedicated to providing you with competitive premiums and a great product.

Our horse insurance policy covers a foal from 31 days upwards and we provide cover for illness and disease up to the age of 20 years.

On our website, we have an easy to use quotation system which will enable you to build a policy specific to your requirements online. You can obtain your horse insurance quotes instantly and then proceed to instant cover.

Mandatory policy benefits include Death or Slaughter and Theft or Straying; you are then able to choose additional benefits based on your own needs. Cover can also include optional benefits such as Public Liability, Permanent Loss of Use, Personal Accident, Stable Cover, Vet’s Fees, Saddlery and Tack and Hire of Horse. You can select as many or as few of the optional benefits as you wish which means you only pay for the cover you need.

It can be quite a daunting task to compare horse insurance covers from a variety of horse insurance companies so we have tried to make our horse insurance product as simple as possible. Below are just a few of the benefits that can be included in your horse insurance quote if you choose us to take care of your equine needs.

Benefits of taking out horse insurance with horse-insurance.co.uk

  • 30% discount when you buy online

  • Tailor your own policy to suit your needs

  • Vet’s fees cover up to £3000 per incident

  • Saddlery & tack cover up to £1750

  • Public Liability cover up to £1.25 million

  • Illness & disease covered up to age of 20 years

Taking on a new horse or a pony…

Purchasing a horse is a big decision and there are other options if you are unsure whether you can cope with the money obligations that go with the initial purchase. If the initial cost of purchasing a horse is too much strain on your finances, you can opt for loaning or sharing a horse instead, this way you can still enjoy caring for the animal and riding but at a lesser expense.

Purchasing a horse can be expensive so it is sensible to look into insuring your investment in case of unforeseen problems. Death, vet’s bills, injury and sickness need to be considered and protected against; furthermore theft should not be ruled out either.

It is worth considering that if something did happen to your horse would you be able to afford to replace the horse out of your own pocket or pay the sometimes excessive vet’s bills. Purchasing another horse if yours is stolen or paying out for vet’s bills can be a considerable strain on your finances and that is where insurance can help. It is important that the equine insurance policy you choose suits both you and your horse’s needs, so make sure you do thorough research before settling for a policy.

More than a horse insurance website…

Our website provides useful information about our equine insurance products, policy wording and summary to help our customers make an informed decision when applying for a policy online. It’s hassle free, easy and quick! Should any queries arise, we are only a phone a call away!

When visiting Horse-insurance.co.uk, horse insurance is not the only feature as we also include some really helpful Horse Care Hints and Tips such as daily requirements, horse health, travelling with your horse, security advice and FAQs.

We also update our site with the latest horse related news daily to keep you informed with what’s going on in the Equine world.



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