Theft prevention tips for horse owners

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Horse theft is becoming increasingly common, so protect your horse the best you can with these simple tips.

–         Keep all ownership documents in a safe place, as well as health records and photographs from all four sides to help clearly identify your horse.

–         Make sure your horse is identifiable through either a microchip or freeze brand.

–         Don’t leave a halter on your horse, as this makes theft easier. Also remove halters from nearby gates that thieves may use to enter.

–         Inform the police and local animal control agencies of any suspicious activity inthe area.

–         Try to block or restrict access to where your horse is kept from unauthorised vehicles, especially at night time.

–         Make sure the fencing around your property is sturdy and unable to cut through.

–         Try to put your horse in an area that can be seen from your property, especially at night.

–         Lock any barn doors and gates at all times if they do not create a fire hazard.

–         Ensure you have motion-activated sensor lights installed around where your horse is kept at night to alert you to any movement and deter any thieves.

–         Video monitors/CCTV or alarms can be installed.

–         Report any occurrence of theft immediately, writing down and distributing a description and photos of your horse to any livestock auctions nearby. Reward adverts can be posted and the local media can be contacted.

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