Quality Time With Your Horse

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Do you spend more time mucking out than hacking out?

Here are some suggestions for gaining more time to ride:

1. Get Organised
Buy in bulk everything you never want to run out of, from hay and bedding to fly spray and Polos. That way you will save time-consuming trips to teh tack shop and feed store, which in turn will save you money as a result of bulk buying.

2. Use the weekend wisely
Prepare for the week ahead by cleaning tack, making up loads of haynets and doing a full muck out if you uise the deep litter method during teh week to save time.

3. Enlist a friend
Could you share yard duties with a friend? If you can agree to muck out, feed and turn out for each other once a week, this frees up extra time for an additional weekly ride.

4. Minimise Yard Work
Consider investing in synthetic tack to minimise your cleaning time, rubber matting to make mucking out easier, a track trolley to reduce trips acrooss the yard and neck covers for mud monsters to cut down on winter grooming.

5. Adapt your routine
Could you ride early before work instead of afterwards? Or perhaps your partner would like to mountain bike or take a stroll along side you- and then help you out with chores afterwards.

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