Man and Pony fail to take to the tracks

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Horse InsuranceThe British are known for their quirky sense of humour and the train network has no doubt seen some funny sights over the years.

This week train passengers were treated to the delights of a man attempting to board a train with his pony.

The man arrived at Wrexham General Station with a white pony in tow. Making his way to the platform, the pair then tried to board a train much to the amazement of staff and passengers.

For a few moments it looked like the man and pony would succeed in their railway adventure. However, after overcoming their brief moment the conductors sprung into action and blocked the train’s entry.

The man was however not to be deterred and made his way to the ticket office where he insisted on buying two tickets, one for himself and one for his unusual travelling companion.

The response from the ticket office staff was a resounding “neigh” and the pair made their exit from the station – dreaming of what adventures they might have had on the tracks.

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