Important Steps When Buying Your First Horse

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Congratulations – if you’ve decided to purchase your first horse then you’re in for an amazing journey. It’s easy to get carried away with the romance of being a horse owner but there are many practical things to consider.

Choosing the right horse

First of all it’s imperative that you make an informed decision when choosing your first horse. Select a horse that suits the rider, it’s likely that you’ll want a well broken horse that enjoys being ridden for your first purchase so make sure you’ve met the animal in question and ridden it too. Trust and personality are both major factors in a great riding relationship. If the new horse if for your child then it’s important that the one you buy is steadfast and relaxed as well as being used to children.

Living arrangements

One of the biggest things to consider is where your horse is going to live. If you have your own stable it’s important to consider what care you’ll have to do and when, and how much time you’ll be able to spend with your new companion.

If you’re going to use an external stable then find out as much ass you can about their care packages and rates before you consider buying, you need to have a good idea of cost before you embark on your career as a horse owner. Buying the horse is just the beginning.

Horse health care

It’s also crucial to find a vet, and ensure your horse is properly covered. You would be surprised at the cost of veterinary bills, and having proper insurance for horses is the only way many owners can afford the care should their horse or horses become ill. Luckily, finding horse insurance is relatively simple and can be a fantastic investment should you ever need to use it.


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