How to Keep Your Horse Safe This Winter

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Windproof the Stable

As the weather begins to get colder outside you should ensure that there are no drafts coming into your horses living area. Whether a stable or barn, eliminate drafts whilst keeping the area well ventilated. It is also important to ensure there is clean bedding and that the housing area is kept warm from the winter chill.

 Getting Some Fresh Air

If you are housing your horse in a stable or barn during winter then it is important you give them plenty of time outdoors every day. Getting out in the fresh air and exercising will keep your horse healthy and allow them to adjust to changing temperatures.

 Increase Your Feed

In winter it is important to increase the amount of feed you give your horse. Eating more food in the winter months will build up a layer of fat which will insulate their body. Cold weather also forces them to use more energy in order to keep warm.

 Keeping Hydrated

Unlike humans, horses require more water in the winter, rather than summer months. This is because in colder months, horses eat more hay which dehydrates them; as grass is made of 80% water. Make sure you check your horses water daily on a regular basis to avoid freezing in low temperatures.

 Insure your Horse

For extra protection, horse insurance will keep your horse protected over the winter months. Depending on the level of protection you require, your horse insurance quote can cover for death, theft, personal accident, public liability, stable cover, vet fees and emergency dental treatment. 


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