Horse Rescued from Basement after fall

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Horse InsuranceA horse in Colorado was rescued from a basement after she got stuck after falling through a window.

Summer had been grazing near her owner’s house; unfortunately she strayed near a window leading into the basement and fell though.

Summer fell half way through the window, with only her head and front legs remaining on the outside of the house.

Returning home Summer’s owner Alice Golter got quite a shock when she saw her horses’ predicament.

Alice quickly called the vets, fearing that Summer could have caused herself serious injury. Amazingly Summer was left relatively unharmed by the fall, however there was still the issue of just how she was to be rescued.

Rescuers decided that the basement stairs were too weak to hold the horse, so the only way was up through the window Summer had fallen through.

The Rescue effort took 5 hours in which Summer was literally pulled and dug out of the basement.

Now safe and at ground level, she is reportedly in good condition and will surely be staying away from basements in future.

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