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A recent article in Horse & Hound magazine,  Dr David Marlin has highlighted the importance of ensuring your horse are fully hydrated during the summer months. As the weather gets warmer, your horse may be at risk of dehydration, which may affect their performance when competing but and may also cause detrimental damage to their health.

Dr David Marlin has suggested ways of avoiding this;

•    Make sure you have fresh, clean water which your horse can access all the time, especially if they are competing. If your horse doesn’t like the taste of water when you travel, bring some from home or add flavour to it.

•    For horses who don’t drink well, a switch to haylage can be a good option because of its higher moisture content. This provides the horses with water and may reduce the risk of colic – Soaking hay may also help.

•    After exercise on a hot day, reduce sweat losses by cooling your horse off thoroughly as soon as possible after exercise. Once the horse stops sweating it will become less dehydrated.

•    At summer competitions, try to keep your horse in the shade. In hot, dry weather, your horse will lose water without you necessarily being able to see it

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