Giant Police Horse puts his hooves up

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Horse InsuranceTitan has been a regular at crowd control events in the Reading area, with football duties, night time patrols and military events.

Living up to his name, Titan is well known for towering over  the other horses. Standing over 6ft, at 18.3 hands high, Titan is Themes Valley Police Force’s highest equine recruit.

Unfortunatly, Titan has been suffering from ringbone which has been causing him to go intermittently lame. It is hoped that a spot of R&R at a horse sanctuary will see him return to his duties in 6 months time.

Titan will be putting is hooves up and taking a well deserved rest at The Horse Trust’s Sanctuary in Speen. If he does not make a recovery Titan will be offered permanent retirement accommodation at the sanctuary.

PC Tim Pollock had ridden Titan for the last year’s spoke of his trusted companion:
“People are always astounded by his size and often come up to say hello. Despite his large size he is remarkably agile and incredibly sure-footed – it was like he was made to be a police horse.”

Luckily Titan has had no problems settling into life at the sanctuary. The Horse Trust yard manager, Shirley Abbott said: “Titan settled in straight away in a paddock. All the staff have already fallen in love with him as he’s such a handsome and impressive chap.”

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